Tuesday, December 17, 2013

From Russia With Love

It was one of those days, one of those perfect days in Moscow. Weekend! That's enough by definition. Sun. Well, that was a surprise! So we took a stroll to the Red Square, a truly magical place in the winter and especially holidays, with a Christmas market and ice skate rink (if you are following me on instagram @accordingme you already saw what I mean:-). Oh, I love it so much, even if it is -10 degrees outside, that scene will always take my breath away. I've always loved holidays, and I am looking forward to it every year, and it is much more cooler now when I have a kid - we can invite Santa to come over!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Proof That Fashion Is Art

Maybe you remember a post about my favorite pret a porter collection of Russian Couturier Valentin Yudaskin? As promised, today I am sharing with you photos from exhibition Fashion in Art Space in Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow.

Just few facts to sat background for this amazing exhibition -Yudashkin is tha King of Russian fashion. It took 18 months to legendary Irina Antonova (former head of Puskin museum), with off course help from couturier himself and designer of the show Natalie Criniere, who masterminded Dior and Le Courbusier exhibitions here.

This year Yudashkin is turning fifty yeas, and in his 25 years long career he created more than fifty collections. Around 80 pieces are picked from each, and placed next to the artworks that inspired them - from ancient sculptures through work of Michelangelo, over Renaissance artists to paintings of Goya and Velasquez.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It's Christmas time - GIVEAWAY time!

After Dressale.com contacted me to host their giveaway, I I have to admit that I was very happy that we didn't have church wedding yet. You know, somehow I was never one of those girls who want to get married - I just thought this would never happen, because I never thought that I could ever sacrifice my freedom. But I was young and foolish and did not know what it means to find someone you love - it's not a waste of freedom , it is investing your time into something much better than what you have until then. Did we have a crisis and difficult moments? Sure, maybe even more than most couples - in these four - plus years we passed through all sorts of things together - from amazing trips, to settling in a beautiful apartment in which we have invested a ton of our nerves, time and energy so we could leave it after just one year , through changing jobs, miscarriage, childbirth that we were lucky to survive,   moving to another state and now preparing for a third... not to mention trivial things like passing out in the middle of Cambodia or Cetinje Monastery when I priest was trying to help me regaining my consciousness by waving his rope :-) When I am  thinking about all this, I have to be grateful for the fact that in 2007 on my birthday I forced myself go to the job interview for the job I didn't even want - because who would have thought that one of the two "boring guys that interviewed me is going to be my husband? (the chances that we would ever met would beslim, and even if we did, we both believe that we would never look like a match to each other:-)

Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday Inspiration - Man Who Changed a World

You know, I dedicated Monday posts to inspiration, and I always use some short quotes that can catch our attention, something that will somehow catch our attention and stay in our heads, at least for a day. And today all these quotes are coming from one huge source of inspiration, from one huge source of love, energy, dedication, strength, wisdom, kindness, humor, from a man who changed a world. We mustn't forget you Madiba, and, with same contagious faith that you had in mankind, I can say that we will not!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Winter Fairy tale - Enchanting Tallin

Maybe this would sound strange to you, but I used to be pretty introvert as a kid - I had only one friend and books, and that was ultimate fun for me - so many interesting characters, so many destinies, so many lives to live, so many adventures to have...But then I discovered the beauties of being social, started hanging out with lot of new friends and often wasting time. Books somehow lost any importance - there was never time for them. And then, years after I read 'Lord of Rings' I discovered "A Song of Fire and Ice" (you probably watched the series "Game of Thrones", based on first part of the book). Anyway, I felt like a kid again - the only thing I needed was my book. This was a huge turnover - in today's world we all have problems with short attention spans, but it was gone and I was me again. Off course I admired JRR Martin for amazing imagination but also wondered how (in addition to all the events in the book) he came up with so many different names for people and  places, and they never sounded like they are having anything in common - like they were literally from different languages!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Snowing on the Red Square

What is your first association of Moscow? I can bet it is Kremlin and Red Square! And, for a reason. You know how much I love to travel, and trust me, this one the most beautiful places that I've ever been! I can not find better word to describe it than magical .... You can see sooo much beauty here - St Basil's cathedral is one of the most outstanding and remarkable churches ever built, shaped as flames of bonfire it's architecture has no analogues in preceding, contemporary or later Russian and Byzantine cultural tradition! Maybe you've heard legend saying that Ivan the Terrible blinded the architects so they could never construct anything so beautiful.  Smaller and not so famous, but charming Cathedral of Kazan was completely demolished during communist period, but fortunately blueprints survived so it was reconstructed during 90's.  Speaking of beautiful - here is GUM, imo, most beautiful shopping mall in world, (yes, I now, mall is beautiful as stores inside, but even then). In case you are morbid lover, you can visit a Lenin's mummy, as mausoleum is open after renovation. Muscovites hate when they construct a skate rink here during winter as they say that it is only tourist attractions, but I have to say that I love it, as it gives special holiday atmosphere and makes this place even more charming, specially during the night. (unfortunately you cannot see GUM them -  but if you are following me on instagram, you probably already saw some photos). Behind the red walls of Kremlin is still official residence of Russian President. Anyway, this was a last chance to take some outfit photos here, as it is becoming coold.